Geo Demographic

The Fallacy of “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”

These geo-demographic clusters are based on the 16th century proverb, “Birds of a feather flock together,” meaning similar types live together in specific neighborhoods. The proverb may be correct for birds, but not necessarily for human beings. Think about it for a minute. How many people on your block would you say are EXACTLY like you or your family? Few, if any, is the most likely answer. Households on your block may be similar, but they are not identical. In today’s marketing environment, “similar” isn’t good enough. You need to know exactly who you are talking to so you can talk to them most relevantly and persuasively – dynamic database segmentation provides that confidence. Considering the sheer volume of marketing communications going out today, you must be sure you’re talking to the right people. And you can only achieve that through dynamic database segmentation and brand mapping.

We have the experience, technology and methodology to refine your data in order to map individual prospects and customers – not clusters — directly to your individual brand attributes in order to provide a productive bridge from your data to quantifiable sales. Using our exclusive Neuromarketology™ methods and dynamic database segmentation technology, we provide hyper-relevant data to drive high ROI 1 to 1 marketing.

No matter which geo-demographic cluster data supplier you use: LIFESTYLES, PRIZM, CLUSTER PLUS, PSYTE, PersonicX Geo, Tapestry MOSAIC, QAS, or Delineate, you get solid, reliable information. We can make it better. We can help you wring more sales out of the data through dynamic database segmentation. Which means you can enjoy the increased ROI of true one to one marketing.

Don’t Get Caught in Cluster Luck

Your supplier very likely provides solid geo-demographic “cluster” data regarding your prospects and customers. Clusters are named by their main characteristics, for example “Settled Achievers” or “City Strugglers.” But this “cluster” data needs analysis and further refinement before it can be useful in converting leads and relationships into actual sales. Using the methodology of neuromarketing and dynamic database segmentation, we can help you speak directly to distinct individuals, not just similar clusters.