The Enterprise
Marketing Data Dilemma

You have good customer/prospect audience segmentation data.

But it's spread all over your enterprise information systems, in restricted databases - customer records in one location, prospect information over there, sales transaction history in a different location, and customer spending trends in yet another database. Not to mention the additional, separate information systems for your individual business units – none of which "talk" to each other. If you can find the data, can you compile, analyze and sift through the mountains of information to define and develop exactly the audience slices you need?

And even though you have followed current best practices and purchased prospect data sorted into "clusters," is it really delineated enough to make communicating with prospects more productive and efficient? Does your data need supplementation with knowledge from outside databases to maximize its relevance? Does it need dynamic database segmentation to release its true value?

Customer / prospect
data is like gold

Mining is hard work and after it's mined, it still has to be refined into sales.

Perhaps your in-house marketing department is working with what is supposedly the latest and greatest in segmentation. You still need data work that mines your nuggets of gold in order to deliver the extraordinary return-on-investment available by combining dynamic database segmentation and brand mapping to drive true one to one marketing.

We are dedicated exclusively to sophisticated, empirical dynamic database segmentation and strategic targeting focused on identifying personalized, highly-relevant audience micro-segments that perfectly match your brand's various attributes. The new science of Neuromarketology™ allows us to precisely map each of your brandís attributes directly to the individuals most likely to respond to that brand attribute. Brand mapping, based on dynamic database segmentation is the only foundation for true one to one, high ROI marketing.

Dynamic database segmentation and brand mapping allows you to establish a real-time, personally-relevant dialogue with your customers and prospects.

touch each customer with
dynamic database segmentation

Your brand-mapping counts.

Finally, once you do have relevantly segmented audiences, how do you map your brand attributes to each segment to match their perceptions, desires and expectations so that you know what to sell them, when and how?

With dynamic database segmentation and brand mapping, we make it possible for you to effortlessly reach deep into the splintering and diverging market segments and motivate your best prospects and customers with higher levels of personal relevancy that drive them to action.

Gather the data to know
Your customers and prospects better

Increase your market size & maximize customer retention with effective, efficient marketing

If your customer/prospect data is not robust enough to allow for effective dynamic database segmentation, we can even supplement your data in a variety of ways, including the creation of data collection "sticky" mechanisms which motivate website visitors to provide additional behavior-specific information. When added to your existing data, the information collected by sticky mechanisms - which also get visitors more involved and deeper into your website-so that dynamic database segmentation can drive more relevant messaging to propel greater marketing success.

Segmentation strategy
is the foundation for marketers

Attracting more customers into the sales funnel creates more revenue and more stability

We will share with you a way to accomplish the reach and relevancy of dynamic segmentation with completely new methodology that uses completely different and compounded thinking compared to conventional and entrenched marketing processes. We will demonstrate the “how” and “what” that make up the differences between the way we have, as an industry, deployed segmentation in the past and what is available to you now. Our objective is to help the small to midsize marketer deploy dynamic cross-media, cross-channel, personalized marketing automatically across all potential targets and help lead the large companies to a more efficient process that will raise existing efforts to new heights of success, reach and return on investment. Just as important, in matters of change, we will outline the restraining forces both from a technology and human resource perspective.